Saturday, November 3, 2007

What The [Bleep] Do We Know

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Chapter 2. Two Words

One week later...

Eve was relaxing in her cave with nothing much to do. Adam had disappeared all of a sudden since last week without any signs. This was good in the sense that she was able to put her to good sleep since a couple of days with no snoring noises in the cave. But this also sowed the first seeds of doubt in the first female brain.

She stretched out her limbs wide and took to herself the immense pleasure of dusting off the goodnight sleep from her body. She got up and started to reluctantly take initiatives of the daily humdrum choirs. But first off she decided to get herself something to eat and with that intent she moved to pluck some fruits from the tree.

Just then she saw something in her way and her brain stopped working. She stood there gawking the ugly thing that gave her a wide grin. The smile made her scare and she could not move as if her feet were buried in the ground. The ugly started moving towards her and now she was even more scared. She gathered all her courage and made a wailing noise loud enough to be heard at quite a distance in the jungle where all the animals lived.

Eve started running in the other direction to head towards the jungle. And behind her was running the ugly creature with an equally comparable speed. She kept shouting out for help and the creature kept calling her name thereafter. All the animals, disturbed by this early morning cacophony, started to run towards the direction from where the voices came. They knew it were the humans. Must be some new plan of theirs to disturb the golden peace around here they thought.

And just then all of them met at the central point close to where the donkey was still sleeping undisturbed by this rampage in his newly carved home. The slow running dog, who broke his leg in a kick fight with the donkey, could not catch with rest of the crowd and stumbled over the donkey on his way.

"WHAT THE-", shouted the donkey as he woke up and there he saw the dog again. This made him furious and gave a vicious look at the dog. The dog sensed the balls of fire about to emit from the donkey's eyes and got his feet moving again. The donkey too started catching behind, still unaware of any other happening. As they reached the crowd, the dog slowed down and managed to make a stop. But the donkey kept moving at the same speed and could not stop until he applied a full break with his legs making a screeching sound. A cloud of dust formed around the donkey's feet and he landed himself in front of the row.

Everyone ogled at the creature standing right in front of them. Eve too joined the side of the animals and was still shivering with fear. The creature's body was divided into two colors - the upper part being red and the lower being a shade of blue. None had seen these big eyes, dark black in color, big enough that everyone could see their miniature faces in it fromm a distance. He also had the most unusual feet found then; half white, half blue.

The donkey started in an open-mouthed awe for a minute and then bumped into tons of laughter. "Man. I had seen a draft version of the monkey when God was making it and I thought it was the funniest thing I would ever see on earth. But this one beats it by far. I thought God did not have a sense of humor until now", he said in between lapses of his uncontrollable laughter.

"Who's he? I've never seen him", asked the creature.

"He's an ass. He was the first one around here", replied the monkey.

"Hey! Don't call me an ass. The name is Neil. Neil Headstrong. Code name - 007."

"What is this 007?", asked again the creature.

"Some crap that he blabbers about that he was created on the seventh day and all. So he calls himself 007, but nobody's sure as what's true", answered the monkey again. "But who are you? And what did God said to call you?"

"You guys didn't recognize me?", he asked with a gesture of surprise. "I'm Adam. The first man."

"You ain't looking the least bit like Adam. What in the heaven's name has happened to you? Did you again eat some forbidden fruit or something like that?", asked the owl, the wisest of all animals.

"And where were you since the last one week?", inquired Eve.

"I've got two words for you all - ALIEN ABDUCTION", replied Adam, leaving everyone floating in a state of unknown confusion.

To Be Continued...

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