Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Combo Post (My blabberings + Tag)

Hello everyone. Lately I have not been able to keep in touch with any of you and I heartily apologize for the same.

I think time has begun to erode my creativity since the last couple of weeks. Many important changes are into the movement and it seems that I am choosing between multiple doors at every stage and then rushing again to the next stage to make sure none of them close before I get there. A never ending game of running and choosing the next path to run on has given me less than minimum time to think creatively. But not to forget that some of these doors are leading to heaven. :)

Also, some useless pursuits have started assuming precedence over the better ones which I really feel sad about. Will need to figure out a way to come out of the prevailing monsoon without getting wet. Music practice too has reached below the acceptable bottom line which makes me furious at times.

Reading time is very scarce. Though I have sort of found the solution to this problem, I will still have to be careful on this one. I have joined a reading group for the next year that has one mandatory read every month followed by discussions.

Nevertheless, my banters out of frustration won't cease right now. How is everyone here? Do drop in once in a while to say hi. :)

Ashu tagged me a while back, and hence without any further delay I would like to finish it. I need to write about three things that I can never let go in my life. So here I roll...

1. Music: As the first and foremost hobby of mine, this particular invisible yet still lively thing has possessed me since my childhood. The first ever experience being the lullaby that my mom sang to me and it just went further with the first flute that I got as a gift from my dad. Since then I have tried my hand on around dozen instruments and always enjoyed fiddling with them, not to forget, piano being my favorites of them all. I would never wish to leave this beautiful pursuit which I think I have inherited from my parents.

2. Reading: As you must have gathered from my blabbering above, I feel too sad for being slowed down on this one. So the second thing I could feel now that I should not lose ever is my readings. Books are not only a man's best friend, but also they serve as the best teachers in grim times.

3. My faith in myself: The third and final thing that I feel is the most important is one's faith in oneself. The moment you start staying away from your self, you are as good as dead is what I think. It is only because of my faith in myself that I have kept going through the dark tunnel at times. The never ending hope of light at the end of the darkness is even more illuminating than the light that you see at the end of it. Do matter what, I never want to lose this light that shines the brightest (in Vishesh's terms).

So there it goes. I feel good after quite many days to have updated the blog finally and be done with the pending tag.

Adios. :)

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