Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Damn Planets

First off, an image that I came across recently demonstrating the apocalypse with a dose of soft sugary chill-pill. RELAX: should we really?

But try to imagine the apocalypse of any other planet than earth, say Mercury. What would happen then? Would that have any effect one earth?

Well, I think it will have quite some effect on earth. At least to the people who hold a deeply rooted belief in Astrology. A planet will vanish in day from all the calculations that are used to predict future.

So what would happen then? Will everything change? Will it doom all the people who have mercury in an ascending position on their 12-boxed play card called horoscope? Or will everything be just as normal as possible and earth will go on without taking a notice of the cosmic accident?

The truth is, neither do I know the answers to all these questions nor do I even care anymore about them. But I am ranting them out here so as to express my fury on the ones who believe in nothing else that astrology.

After some telephonic conversation during the morning drive, I was super-pissed on the astro crap that is presumed to be acting as the guiding path to some people I know and hence, this post was brought to life. It might seem to be totally non-coherent thoughts to some, but that is the way my mind is set right now.

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