Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tag time

I was tagged by Pria, and as I read along the tag, I immediately picked it up. There are set of sentences and I need to elaborate my views about each of them. So here we roll...

1) It is important to be liked by others : Nope, it is not important to be liked by others.
I do not believe in utilitarianism and this one being on tangential lines, I do not believe one can be liked by everyone else.

2) Obedience is a virtue.
I would reward the one who can explain this phrase to a monkey.
P.S. - Ever heard of Darwin's theory of evolution?

3) People are not malicious but they become so because of bad experiences or circumstances.
Before writing this, did anyone question the psychology of a 5 yr old kid who goes to school and shoots his classmates? What kind of bad experiences or circumstances has that kid seen in a couple of days since he started walking? I have a very much mixed opinion here. I believe the above sentence is correct but some people have, I think, mutated genes.

4) Education broadens our view and makes people more humane.
I seriously doubt this one. I have seen enough counter examples to disprove the above written line. I would rather rephrase this one as - "Education broadens the views of the broad-minded and makes the humane a little more humane." But those who are born brutes, remain so for their lives.

5) People who have no money troubles are happier.
I do not think so. People who do not have money troubles might have other grave troubles to face. I rank emotional trouble as the first one on the list. People who are mentally and emotionally stable are more happier.

6) As people get older they get wiser.
I believe, "Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone."

7) You can live on love and fresh air.
One really can with but if he lives in Eden garden. You need to pop-in once in a while in the real world to get some Italian food though. :)

8) There is a celestial guardian angel looking after each one of us.
I would like to invent a celestial bike to meet my guardian angel. :)) Just kidding. I really do believe in this one.

9) All living beings reincarnate.
Let it be. At least I wish to be born in another galaxy after death. Why??? Just for the heck of it. Ain't you fond of seeing places???
An important tangential question here - Will I be able to log in to my Blogger account from the second world?

10) Heaven and Hell are places you go to after death.
May be. Who cares once we are dead? Better focus on living a better life than to worry about afterlife.

My answers might sound funny, but I have written it with utmost sincerity. Please do not read the literal meaning of things. :)

Also this tag is open to all my readers who wish to pick it up. Enjoy working on it. :)

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